Did you know that over half of commercial burglaries occur after dark? And that over 13 of inventory loss occurs as a result of shoplifting?  Experts believe businesses lose more to employee theft than to burglary, robbery, and shoplifting combined!

Investing in a SECURITY SYSTEM is a serious matter.You are protecting the people and possessions you value most.  When choosing a system for your business, there’s no room for inferior protection!

It used to be that a burglar alarm was all you needed to keep your business safe.  Well, times have changed. And so have your security options.

With a small investment in time, you can make your organization more secure and reduce your losses.

To help protect your business from theft and unauthorized entry, we offer installation, service, and monitoring for a full range of security products and features.

We stop the intruders right at the door or window with magnetic contacts that create an electrical current between adjoining magnets. If the door or window is opened, the current is broken and the alarm is tripped.

We back all our systems with motion detectors that use infrared beams to detect any motion inside the premise. We help protect you against fire and emergencies with 24-hour integrated smoke detectors and panic buttons.

We capture particular areas of your business on a closed-circuit TV, which allows you to view your premises by an internal television system.

We offer access control and intercom as other important features to your property.


Consider the following:

  • Install burglary resistant glass in accessible areas
  • Check closets and washrooms before locking up
  • Advertise your Reliable Security alarm system with signs in visible locations
  • Don’t count receipts until you lock up
  • Vary the schedule and route for your bank deposits each day
  • Lock unused doors
  • Keep perimeter doors alarmed when the store is not open to customers
  • Keep a record of who has keys and the dates they were given out and returned
  • Limit access to keys which disarm fire exits and security crash bar alarms
  • Install an enunciator on entrances to alert you that a customer has entered
  • Be on the lookout for bulky clothing, open packages, bags, backpacks, purses, hooks under coats, folded newspapers or magazines…
  • Fasten expensive merchandise and attach alarms
  • Place expensive items in the center of the store away from exits High visibility discourages shoplifters.
  • Keep displays and counters low.
  • Mount mirrors in corners and isles
  • Contact us for more security tips that are customized according to your personal and commercial needs