Yes, recent improvements in modern technology led to the development of \”pet-immune\” or \”pet-friendly\” motion detectors. These detectors will actually ignore up to an 80 lb dog or five cats!
Yes, the “Stay” and “Instant” modes give you the freedom of arming the perimeter of your system (the doors and windows), while ignoring the interior protection (motion detectors and interior doors.
If your alarm system goes off, and you are absolutely certain you know what caused the alarm, notify the monitoring station immediately. Have your account number and passcode handy. Do not call 911 to cancel a false alarm.
When the alarm is activated , this device automatically cuts off the phone service on the alarm line and use it for transmission of the alarm signal , releasing the line when the message is completed.
Every person on your property reference list should have a passcode (a unique number or name ) so the operator in the central station is able to confirm the identity of the person over the phone.
Every person having access to the premise (they have a key and the code to the alarm system) should be on a list of authorized persons for that address. This list is the property reference list, and should be update, every time there is a change.
The system has a back-up battery, housed in the control panel, for this emergency. It will recharge itself once the power returns.
Yes, in most cases we can. If you are not currently under contract with another security company, contact us for more information.