24 Hour Monitoring

Monitoring Your Property

Working to provide security is our primary mission! Whether it is detecting a fire smouldering in a home, catching an intruder trying to gain illegal entry or trapping a gunman in the process of a hold-up, a central monitoring station is there to ensure that the appropriate authorities are sent to remedy the situation.

This is the business of alarm monitoring and emergency response. It is the act of being on guard, round the clock, to ensure that personal harm and destruction of property are avoided. It is providing a service which benefits those around us by making the world a safer place in which to live.

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It is the magic of modern telecommunications technology which enables a central monitoring station to achieve such a feat. Satellites and thousands of land switching networks provide instantaneous communication so that alarms generated anywhere in North America can be handled by operators in the monitoring station moments after they occur.

And while this technology is available to everyone, of the thousands of monitoring companies in existence today, less than 5% take advantage of it. It is the utilization of this technology, and our commitment to be a leader in the alarm monitoring industry, which puts our central monitoring station at the top of the chart as far as monitoring companies are concerned.

This is a serious business. Situations involve crisis, sometimes life or death. There is no time to lose when a house is on fire or a gun is pointed at someone’s head. Signals pour out into the station, within seconds operators swing into action, first calling the premise to verify, then dispatching police, fire and other emergency services, and notifying responsible parties of any action taken.

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

What Makes Us Special?

It is people not machines, which make a company great. Reliable Security Systems Ltd. fosters a sense of pride that comes from knowing the company strives to be the best at everything it does.

Earning your confidence in our ability to provide for your security is the foundation of our business. Accordingly, our activities must, at all times, focus on your wants and needs.

Our central monitoring station must ever strive to exceed your expectations by strictly adhering to any instructions given while ensuring absolute integrity in signal processing, providing swift, accurate emergency response, and maintaining polite, courteous verbal communication.

Through the safe protection of you: your person, your property and your assets, we seek to provide you with an improved quality of life thereby gaining your trust, loyalty, and complete satisfaction.