Access Control

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Generally, an access control system consists of readers, mounted beside doors or inside elevator cars, which are connected to access control units that, in turn, are connected to a computer with the access control software and database. The software is programmed with all the pertinent building or site data which includes the doors and elevators, the times that the doors and elevators may be accessed, and who is authorized to enter.

Individuals, whether they are employees of a company or members of an organization etc., are issued personal cards or tags. When a person passes his or her card over a reader that controls a door or elevator, the reader transmits the card data to the access control unit. Based on the individual’s file, the door either unlocks allowing the individual to enter or remains locked if the individual does not have permission to enter. In the event that a door is either forced open or held open longer than its allotted time, the system issues an alarm warning.

Access control systems can be integrated with closed circuit television systems and building maintenance systems, control multiple buildings over vast geographic areas, produce extensive management audit reports, incorporate biometric devices, such as finger print scanners, and even E-mail alarm messages to cell phones.

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