Alarm System

Alexor Alarm System by DSC

Alarm systems in general can be complicated, so it’s crucial that you determine your security needs and that you consult with us for professional advice.  We can help you identify which system is most suitable for your home or business.

The alarm systems we provide are user-friendly, because the last thing you need is a confusing electronic device!  Our remarkable new security systems have elevated the standard in traditional security.  We use the most advanced, software-driven 6-32-zone systems available, offering the broad range of security features and functions you need for protection of lives and property, whether at home or at work.

Created through leading-edge technology, our alarm systems are designed to offer the most modern, hybrid wireless and hardwired – security and fire protection.  They offer a new level of alarm communications for your protection – including personal paging – and they incorporate sophisticated false alarm prevention features.

To help protect your premise from theft and unauthorized entry we provide installation, service, and monitoring for a full range of security products and features.

  • We stop the intruders right at the door or window with magnetic contacts that create an electrical current between adjoining magnets. If the door or window is opened, the current is broken and the alarm is tripped.
  • We capture particular areas of your residence on a closed-circuit TV, which allows you to view your premises by an internal television system.
  • We back all our systems with motion detectors that use infrared beams to detect any motion inside the premise.
  • We help protect you against fire and emergencies with 24-hour integrated smoke detectors and panic buttons
  • We offer telephone entry systems and video surveillance as other important features to your property.