Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry Systems are a convenient way to answer the front door by creating a communication link between your front door and every telephone on your property.

Visitors activate the system by pressing the doorbell on the outside intercom unit, which then sends a distinctive ring to every telephone.

These systems allow you to speak with visitors before you answer the door; adding to your safety and convenience way of living.

Unlocking the door

If you wish to unlock the door and let the visitors in, simply press a button on your phone and the door will be unlocked in seconds. This adds security for anyone who may be home alone, for families with children, and for elderly citizens.

Protection for Residential & Commercial Entry Doors

If you have an entrance that you would like to keep secure, and only allow people you know to enter. This is a cost effective, easy to use method.

Have kids home alone? Don’t allow them to open the door to strangers – Even young children can use the phone, this is an easy way for them to keep safe, and allow friends or family to visit.

Have a business, and would like to protect the back door? Our systems will allow a visitor press the page button, you can then speak to them, and unlock the door from standard phone in the building. Great for use on shipping/receiving docks.

We put you in complete control with easy to use telephone entry systems that can be adaptable to any existing installation.

Call us today for a quote on the system that best suits your security needs!