The safety and security of your home and family have never been more important.  Keep your entrance doors always locked and educate home-alone children and the elderly to see and identify who is at the door before opening it.

Our security systems are more than burglar alarms. They are reliable, easy to use, affordable, and offer you peace of mind for years to come. Imagine a system that allows you to listen to the baby sleeping in the nursery, and communicate with your children in the playroom while you work in your 2nd floor office. Or even to communicate with people at the door without having to open it!

Imagine a security system that will control your home appliances, adjust your heating, control the lights, open your garage door, unlock your gates, and turn on your sprinkler system…all with just a simple phone call. With our security features, you can even program your system to turn on the lights in the event of a burglar or fire alarm.

Among new home buyers, the trend toward better, more sophisticated built-in electronics continues to grow. Consumers in the 21st Century demand the same level of technology in their homes that they require in their work.

Builders and remodelers who answer this need with high-performance, cost-effective systems for home entertainment – security – communication – home control will have a clear advantage with techno-oriented buyers.

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